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When initiating enforcement procedures bailiff informs the parties about enforcement proceedings in writing. If you received a letter from bailiff - read it carefully - all the information about the procedural action, the ground for this action and other important information is written in the document. If you can not fulfill orders of the bailiff or it raises serious questions about the procedural action, contact the bailiffs office. The bailiff or his assistant will introduce you to the enforcement case and answer questions.
It is important to know that the debtor's refusal to accept the document or to sign it does not change the situation. In this case, the bailiff notes in the case that the debtor refused to confirm the receipt of the document, and it is assumed that the document is properly served.
The debtor's non-cooperation, avoidance of enforcement or other authority decisions often lead to extra loss or expenses, the bailiff has to take additional measures to sell debtor's assets, in order to comply with the judgment and it causes additional costs to the debtor. Cooperation can help to avoid many negative consequences that might arise from the enforcement process.
Where can I get information on all my debts?
Information about existing recovery cases you can get at the Bailiffs Chamber of Lithuania, as well as by mail or by e-mail by sending a signed request for the information. This information is also available at any of the bailiff's office. However, data on enforcement matters is submitted to the person against whom actions are taken, or persons authorized representative.
Who provides information about the enforcement case?
Information about the enforcement case can provide the bailiff, who enforces the case. Person who is asking for the information will be given all the information on what procedural steps have been carried out, what enforcement costs are etc.
Who can apply a bailiff for information about the enforcement case?
Persons who can apply for information are:
  • debtor;
  • the debtor's representative (lawyer or other person who has power of attorney, approved by notary).
What information is given to the debtor?
The debtor or his representative can access all the files in the enforcement case. The bailiff may request that an application for access to the case to be submitted in writing before accessing the case. The debtor also has the right to obtain copies of the documents.
How to reduce the costs of recovery?
If possible, pay the amount shown in the legal papers you get from the bailiff. Payment on time will help to avoid additional enforcement costs.
Cooperate with bailiff and inform him about your financial situation and recovery possibilities. The fewer recovery steps bailiff is required to do, the lower are enforcement costs.
Is it possible to agree to pay in installments?
If you can not pay total debt amount and execution costs immediately, you can negotiate with the creditor and a bailiff on payment of the debt in installments. After examining the debtor's request for debt payment in installments, and having regard to the debtor financial situation, the bailiff will reply if it possible to pay your debt by installments.
The debtor's obligation in the enforcement process:
The debtor's obligations are set out in Article 644 of the Civil procedure code of Republic of Lithuania. Under that article, the debtor must:
  • do not prevent bailiff to take legal actions in enforcement process.
  • promptly report your place of residence or home, workplace;
  • come to bailiffs office when summoned;
  • interest in the enforcement process and so on.
If you received a letter or other document from the bailiff, please contact as soon as possible by telephone: +370 52610163, e-mail. or come to our office. If you have any questions, do not hesitate, we will be happy to answer your questions.
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