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Enforcement procedures
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Enforcement procedures

What is Bailiff in Lithuania and what authority does this officer has?
Bailiff is a State delegated officer, officially authorized to enforce executive documents (judgments of courts, acts of administrative institutions, notary’s approved promissory bills etc.). Bailiff is able to take necessary legal actions to collect debts, apply interim measures in court cases and enforce other legally binding documents (executive documents), listed in the Civil procedure code of Republic of Lithuania.
Enforcement of executive documents can be described as a complex of legal measures and instruments used by the Bailiff to enforce an official binding document. In order to enforce an executive document bailiff seizes and captures goods (money, real estate, vehicles or other asset) or takes other necessary actions to bring into effect all the circumstances, that are specified in the official executive document.
What enforcement measures can be applied?
Article 624 of Civil procedure code of Republic of Lithuania declares, that Bailiff is authorized by the State to take various necessary legal measures to enforce an executive document:
• Freeze assets or money in debtors account
• Get money deducted from wages or other sources of debtors income
• Charge the person’s land or property
• Sell in auctions real estate or other asset that debtor owns
• Take other legal actions in order to enforce official executive document
What documents can be enforced by the Bailiff?
Not all documents can be enforced by the Bailiffs. Bailiff is authorized to enforce certain legally binding documents, that are enlisted in the Civil procedure Code of Lithuania. For more information on what documents can be enforced and how to apply for these documents contact our lawyers.
Costs of enforcement proceedings (debt collection):

Amount of execution document


Necessary enforcement costs





Up to 3 EUR


13,36 EUR




From 3 EUR to 15 EUR


17,81 EUR




From 15 EUR to 50 EUR


22,26 EUR




From 50 EUR to 300 EUR


26,71 EUR




From 300 EUR to 600 EUR


31,16 EUR




From 600 EUR to 850 EUR


35,62 EUR




From 850 EUR to 1150 EUR


40,07 EUR




From 1150 EUR to 1500 EUR


44,52 EUR




From 1500 EUR to 2000 EUR


53,42 EUR




From 2000 EUR to 2600 EUR


62,33 EUR




From 2600 EUR to 3200 EUR


71,23 EUR




From 3200 EUR to 4400 EUR


89,04 EUR




From 4400 EUR to 8700 EUR


111,30 EUR




From 8700 EUR to 14500 EUR


155,82 EUR




From 14500 EUR to 29000 EUR


200,34 EUR




From 29000 EUR


244,86 EUR

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