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Pre-trial debt recovery

Besides the enforcement of executive documents, Bailiff is also eligible to provide pre-trial debt collection services, described in the Bailiffs Act of Lithuania.
Pre-trial debt collection procedure - it is the cheapest and quickest way for the creditor to recover his money from the debtor avoiding long and expensive trial litigation. Bailiff will evaluate legal documents you provide and the debt itself, contact the debtor and consult you on further actions that need to be taken in order to recover the debt.
Debt recovery in pre-trial procedure allows a creditor to avoid litigation costs (stamp duty, costs for legal representation and so on.), also it gives an evaluation of the debt itself and the perspective of the litigation, provides information about debtor's financial ability to pay the debt in cases of the bad debt. Our office works on NO PAY NO FEE basis, meaning that you do not have to pay for an unsuccessful debt collection.
It should also be noted that all the expenses paid to the Bailiff can be claimed from the debtor. Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania provides for the creditor ability to claim all the costs incurred by the creditor associated with improper fulfillment of contract or other legally binding document (Civil Code of Lithuania Art. 6.63). To start pre-trial recovery procedure, you should submit to the bailiff documents regarding the debt, and send an application for the recovery. Application can be requested and submitted by e-mail, fax +370 526 10472, o sent by mail to our office, address Smolensko street 10B, Vilnius, Lithuania LT-03201.
Information and consultation on debt recovery options can be provided by e-mail
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